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Anonymous asked: Hi don't want to be annoying or anything, but why haven't you uploaded in a while? xx

aww it’s okay, you’re not annoying. um idk, lack of inspiration? need some prompts! lol nah i’ve just had writer’s block :/ 

officialyuntitled22 asked: hey, i see you write your own fanfic. would you be interested in posting it to my website that i built? i get over 15,000 people a day to it, and i think they would love your work! let me know if you're interested and ill send you the site :)

can i have a link to the website? so long as you weren’t like actually reposting any of the fics .. if you’re just posting links to the stories, then yeah sure, go for it! xx glad you like my stuff

fic/prompt: settle down with me, and i’ll be your safety (you’ll be my lady)


Word Count: 1,530

A/N: i wrote most of this on my phone, so sorry for typos. hope you like it x


To be honest, you’ve sort of been feeling bad all week.

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zxya asked: Okaaaaay I thought I'd prompt you: Cody and whatever her name is had a fight and he comes back to get something he gave her and he finds her getting sick, and then he feels really guilty and apologizes and takes care of her.

here you go xx

sorry i haven't posted anything for a while.. you guys should prompt me for something xx

basically, a little something for Valentine’s Day. A day for the sad and the lonely (me) 

Uh oh, okay, haven’t written one of these for a while, but here we go.


It’s February 14th and Cody’s touring in god knows what city. You’re sitting in school watching in subdued amusement as your friends receive flowers and chocolates and teddy bears and other cute things. You’re not jealous though because for the first time you’ve got a boyfriend. One that tours around the world, playing music and singing to girls all over the world and constantly makes people’s dreams come true. So, no, you’re not jealous when you see your best friend get a chocolate-scented teddy bear or when you see that really mean girl in your class receive a big bouquet of flowers. Because you have the best boyfriend in the universe. Even if only a handful of people know about the two of you.

This is why you’re so pleasantly surprised when you open your locker at the end of the day only to be a greeted with a faceful of flowers- not roses though, because you had told him one time that you thought they were overrated. Instead, a small, elegant bouquet of gladiolus are thrusting themselves at you, demanding your attention. And attached to one of the red flowers is a card. Actually, it’s more like sheets of what appears to paper from a small journal. Either way, you find yourself opening it, the need to get out of school in a rush completely forgotten.

Dear Angel,

It’s midnight here in Toronto. It’s also December. I’m writing to you simply because I miss you. I miss your laugh and the way your nose scrunches up a little when you laugh too hard- the kind where tears start streaming down your face. I sort of really miss your hair. I miss the feel of it slipping through my fingers. I always did like playing with it whenever you would rest your head on my shoulder. Have you cut it yet? You mentioned before how you were thinking about cutting it. I didn’t tell you then, but lack of sleep has me telling you now: I sort of really don’t want you to cut it. I didn’t tell you then ‘cause I was afraid  you’d think I wouldn’t like you with short hair. It’s not that, trust me (I’d love with you any sort of hair, or none at all). I just thought the long hair suited you quite nice. Anyway, for lack of better things to write, I guess I’ll settle for telling you an embarrassing story (please don’t tell your friends, haha ;) No, I’m kidding, you can tell them, I’ll just have to go search for my dignity afterwards then xx. anyway, remember that time i was sick and you surprised me by showing up at where i was staying with soup from Panera? I told you not to get too close (didn’t want you catching anything), but you stubborn girl that you are settled yourself down next to me and rested your head in my lap. we watched movies but you fell asleep pretty quickly. here’s the embarssing part, I sort of spent more time watching you sleep than watching the movie. oh god, why am I telling you this? You know what, I’ll probably not end up sending this anyway. I’m just tired. verrrryyyyy tirrrreeedd. my writing’s getting messy, I apologize. I think I need sleep. yes, sleep is good. okay, I’ll call you tomorrow. good night



          PS- so, you’re probably wondering why your valentine was written in December. Okay, technically, like I said, I wasn’t going to send that. But as Valentine’s Day drew closer and closer, I realized I sadly would probably not be able to make it. I’m truly sorry, Angel. I hope you believe me when I say that I wish I was there (or to be very corny and use my own lyrics: I wish u were here) wow that was bad, okay, you can just ignore that part. Anyway, it’s February 10th and I’ve got so many things scheduled it’s not even funny. Seriously, I’m not laughing. Thinking about it all just makes me want to sleep, or maybe curl up on the couch with you and pretend to watch whatever cheesy romantic valentines movie is on in a few days with you. I actually reall, really want that. Anyway, I hope the day went well, and I just wanted to get something out to you for the day since I myself could not be there (I got one of your friends to get this in your locker by the way). Anyway, I’ve gotta go now. I’ve got things to sign and fans to meet.

Your very sorry he couldn’t be there for Valentine’s Day Boyfriend,

Cody xx

PPS- Happy Valentine’s Day. I love you.


Please Read: this, my lovely followers, is what any future edits will look like if i find more people stealing my stuff. i love you all, but i really won’t feel comfortable putting anything up (fanfic included!) if i think people will just repost it (here, or any other sites) without at least asking me. i really don’t like doing this, but i do work hard on these edits and i’m not okay with people stealing my stuff. i’m not trying to be mean, i hope you understand. if people continue stealing my stuff i won’t be making any more. if people steal my FANFICTION i will seriously be peeved and i will delete that fic blog (or lock it) and my fics and not post any more. if you find people stealing anything of mine (or anyone else’s for that matter), please let me (or creator) know. don’t steal my stuff.

ps- i will repost this edit without that ugly watermark later tomorrow, i just needed to make a point.

codstah asked: okay i spend a lot of time searching for really well written cody fanfic and i just have to say your one shots, imagines, and prompts are one of the best ones i have ever read like, ever


seriously, that’s so nice of you to say. glad you think so! thank you! xx

Juliette’s Prompt/Imagine

A/N: so, in the spirit of trying everything once, i did this as a request from here. but for future reference, i would prefer not to do them. i am quite sucky at them and i am very sorry Juliette if this is not up to par :/ i hope you like it either way. it’s more of an imagine (1,200) words.

 “Juliette, no,” Cody says.

“Aw, come on, cheer up, Codes. It’ll be fun!”

“Not for me,” Cody argues.

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New Year’s Promise (Cody Simpson one shot/prompt)



Word Count: 2,656

A/N: decided to lump these two prompts together because it just worked out that way. anywa, when i first got the prompt about Cody proposing, at first i was like nooo (because i’m sort of against the idea of getting married so young. he’s only 15!) but yeah, for the sake of this fic, you’re both 16 (but that doesn’t really make it any better). just go with it.

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